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Salvador Chua Public in:2021/3/2 9:31:36
  Sir/Madam, Hello. What can you offer to drive 400mmx400mm square piles? Please send me quotation at our email: Thank you
VtvAD Public in:2021/1/10 20:16:02
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Mustafa Shkukani Public in:2021/1/8 5:06:23
  Dear Sir, greetings We are looking for 1 set of impact hammer with energy exceed than 300 kNm. Your offer will be highly appreciated Mustafa Shkukani Alrakaiz Est
Zulkaflee b.Jamil Public in:2019/8/25 9:20:42
  Hi Sir, Could you give me quotation for Diesel hammer DD series all model. Thanks Zul
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